LG Fashion Week – David Dixon

Annnd we’re back. Back from the dead and into LG Fashion week.

Absolutely packed. Filled with those who’ve got style, those who want style and those who try to hard. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Check out the pics from the David Dixon collection. It turned out to be a solid combination of subtle patterns in whites, pinks, and deep blues. Although mostly skirts, and spaghetties he did manage to turn out some nice jackets and even a mens outfit or two. <-- I snapped over 60 shots, but my ISO settings were wrong and only a few turned out. If you’re down for tomorrows LOVAS Wesley Badanjak show make sure to say hi. We can also catch up at Evan Biddell, Rudsak, Roberto Cavalli and a number of other shows on Friday.

The setup – full house, no empty seats, squashed together and boiling inside!

Rare was the outfit with a purse

Sitting right in the middle of the runway made it difficult to get shots

Voulenteers Handing out Red, White and Italian

The Italian – Peroni – beer of choice, similar to Corona

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