Make your Mark!

Henna, also known as Mehndi, is a preparation made from a dried and powdered plant, staining the skin a distinct reddish-brown colour. Less familiar is Jagua, a preparation made from a fruit that grows in the Amazon, and when unripe stains the skin a natural black.

Virtually any design is possible with Henna or Jagua. Paul Zulauf can fluidly create professional-looking designs spontaneously with as much or as little particular requests from a client. Specific designs, symbols and images can be made into custom henna designs anywhere on the body. There is a joy of discovery and creativity in making unique designs. Different styles are appropriate for different occasions, and everyone has their own taste, which makes every henna session dynamic.

For more information on Henna Designs and Application or Private Events please contact,

Paul at 647-300-1941

Appointments can be made to have Henna application done at
Earth & Fire, 489 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor

Henna sessions can be done anywhere comfortable, and generally takes 15 minutes to a half hour. Cost includes a base fee of $15 per appointment, and the designs range from $5 to $75 depending on size and complexity. Additional designs or clients during the same appointment time are less the $15 base fee.

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