A Dior Christmas

I booked my flight today! I will be in Toronto from Dec 20 – Jan 10. Yay! So excited 🙂  LA is lovely and all but how can Chirstmas be without snow?  Anyone who needs last minute gift ideas or help shopping, hollar at me!  I am so excited about this holiday season for so many reasons.. and here is one!

Christian Dior Chirstmas Tree (!?!)
This is the first time in the hotel’s 112-year history that Claridge’s has collaborated with a fashion designer on its Christmas tree.

OH CHRISTMAS TREE: John Galliano is embracing the holiday spirit. Next month, a John Galliano for Dior Christmas tree will be unveiled at London’s Claridge’s hotel — and, not surprisingly, the designer has eschewed a traditional festive theme. Instead, Galliano has designed a sparkling white tropical Christmas tree, which will be strewn with crystals, orchids, vines and lianas, while a sleeping leopard figure will perch on one of the branches. “I want to combine the festive with the innovative, the spirit of Dior with the beauty of Claridge’s and create something spectacular that will inspire,” said Galliano. The tree will go up in Claridge’s Dec. 1 and will remain in the hotel’s foyer through Jan. 6. “This is another bold step in Claridge’s history to provoke, confound and delight our guests,” said Claridge’s general manager Philippe Leboeuf

Recession or no recession, we over here in the fashion industry sell optimism and fantasy.