Trident Layers

I just stopped by 7-Eleven before class starts and this caught my eye! Ooooo I love innovative gum and candy. So I just had to try it. Sounds delicious right? GreenApple x GoldenPineapple. Sure beats the spearmint, cinnemint, wintermint, blah blah blah.
The packaging folds open and the gums are thick and fat 🙂 I like them! They are foil wrapped and very Wonka ‘3-course’ Gum like. *sigh* i love Willy Wonka
The other flavor out is Strawberry Citrus, i didn’t really want to try that one.
The flavor is intense and fun.. for like 3 minutes. 😀 The texture is like the 5 gum, that rubbery, melty feeling. It’s okay. Try it and tell me if you like it.
gum or chips – they say stack ’em stack ’em and I concur