Haute Cho-co-laaaaa!

I’m a foodie, and I LOVE fashion, so when fashion and food come together…*gets shivers down spine* I love it!

Everything worn was either made with or layered in chocolate!

Pic source: blogcatalog.com
These pics were taken at the 2009 Paris Chocolate Festival; A five day event that featured the latest innovations by chocolatiers from around the world, as well as cooking demos, tasting shows, and of course an awards show! (us foodies love to be crowned for our delicious creations!). There were over FOUR HUNDRED exhibitors, and this year’s theme was the Opera!
There was a delicious fashion show where models, actresses and even TV personalities and Opera singers modeled dresses created by a variety of top fashion designers and chocolatiers. Mmmmm
Who ever knew edible clothing could look so haute!
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