In the Biz: Lori Taylor

FiDM  is amazing because of all the cool opportunities we get to meet industry gurus, ask questions and get inspire.  In my Tuesday class, our instructor Jeanne Tamayo invited Smashbox’s Lori Taylor to speak with us. She is a powerhouse. Let me tell you. With patent over the knee boots, chic boyfriend blazer with leather details, her mini Smashbox kit, clear lens gold aviators and matte red lipstick…. loves it.

Lori inspires me

Starting at a counter, loving the biz, self taught and passionate, Lori is now the Pro Artist relations manager at Smashbox – aka – her dream job.  She never calls in sick because she loves what she does. And she is off to Hawaii this week, business trip! 

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Lori says the best gift you can give someone is the gift of confidence. Make someone beautiful…I even stayed after class to tell her about using weave glue for lashes I heard over at 2BD. We were so fortunate to look through her portfolio and watch her demo on one lucky beauty student – my girl Ffiona in class! I think she looks just like Trish Goff from Making Faces. What do you think?

I forgot my camera and took these on my Berry, I know. > _ <

I asked Lori a few questions about everything, here’s my favorite question.
Do you only date industry guys?
The great thing about dating industry guys is what they understand. You are at a photoshoot til 3am and they say, aight cool, do your thing. When you are dating someone not in the industry, they will say oh I was waiting for you to come home for dinner *lol*. Yep. But the down side is that you are always around industry people – you need that balance. // side note, Lori is dating a uber famous photog who use to assist Annie Leibovitz. O_O wow. i love perfect couples. good to know.

What I learned aka realized:
Find out what you love to do, something you would do for free + being paid is extra. Find that thing you love so much that you would never stop doing it. Married or not. That is what I now know. My career is a part of me and not something to do til Mr. Right comes along. I will do what I love, do my best, be recognized for my talents and passion and inspire others. I will never stop doing what I love and I will hone the skills to make a profitable career out of whatever that is. And I will spend everyday figuring that out and letting destiny guide me. The world has a funny way of showing you things sometimes.
Open your heart, close your eyes and say thank you.