Lash Control

When I designed LashOut for my project for my beauty class at FiDM, I was focused on package design and the ingredient story… This is what I came up with:

So you can see why I got so super excited when I discovered LashControl on bp!

LashControl® is something new and different: An innovative, squeezable mascara package that allows you to continuously regulate the desired amount of mascara product on the brush before it leaves the tube. Simply squeeze the center portion of the tube while you remove the brush. No Glop or excess formula.

There are several design variations in formulation and brush style to be distinguished in the COLOR-CODED packaging- pink, purple, blue, red and yellow. The squeeze-wiper color corresponds to features and benefits of the formula and brush combination. The actual color of the formula is black.

The LashControl® mascara formulas and container housing have been engineered and developed over the past 4 years by using the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry. The product and ingredients have been successfully tested for safety, functionality, loss-of-volume, shelf life and durability. They combine botanical-based formulas and extraordinary engineering.

Jennifer Paulson Lee is the founder and she must be just fabulous! Oooo I wanna try it! 

LashControl is based in NYC and you can get more info here