Miley Got Tatted!!!

Miley Cyrus in Miami

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like tattoos, I’m always debating a new tattoo and trying to find tattoo ideas, thus I often peep new celebrity tattoos! A new kid has joined the club ! I REALLY like Miley Cyrus! I think she’s the cutest thing; how can you get mad at a 17 year old who’s cute, humble, trendy, and making US$3.5 million annually; clearly she’s smart!!! Her newest single screams a Jay Z track as her favorits song!!! And I’ll admit, Hannah Montana episodes keep me entertained (shhhh!)… and now I love her even more. Not only did she get “bold” and go under the needle but its really, really hot! Her tattoo (rumored to be shared with her brother Trace, of the band Metro Station) says “just breathe”. Let me know what you think, she IS young and a role model for little one’s so perhaps its a controversial topic… but I gotta be honest with you guys… I likey! I actually think I want one! 🙂