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    Summer never leaves, Miami Tattoos

    Every Fashion Season shows how designers and fashion magazines like temporary tattoos and other unusual temporary adornments for face and body. The Spring 2017 collections have brought the tat trend full circle: Latvian model Lorens took to the runway at Gucci with a face full of stylishly subversive, temporary ink, while Giamba girls were with interesting glitter drawn on there faces — sharp, graphic symbols. For Preen Fashion Show replacing blush and lipstick makeup artist Val Garland pressed dried daisies, ferns, cornflowers, and forget-me-nots onto models’ collarbones, foreheads, and cheeks. “If you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time for that tattoo, consider this the moment: Getting inked has never been more fashion-friendly” writes Vogue US this October.

    Miami Tattoos is a high-end quality, artistic temporary tattoo brand, which collaborate with famous tattoo artists and illustrators. Miami Tattoos’ designs are unique and catchy, and our patented and exclusive watercolor temporary tattoos are first of its kind. Miami Tattoos were featured in the most famous magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Allure, Marie Claire, Grazia, Interview and many more. Miami Tattoos products are universal. They can be sold in a lot of points of sales such as beauty salon, luxury department store as well as in a books- or flower-shop.

    Miami Tattoos also can produce temporary tattoos for you with your unique design. Among their clients there are such brands as Mercedes Benz, Gucci, L’Oreal, P&G, OPI, Essie etc.

    “Miami Tattoos idea came into life when I was waiting for my baby daughter to arrive. And before that, working as Vogue Russia beauty director, I dreamt of a tattoo but didn’t dare to get onewas afraid of pain and getting it once and forever. And what if I got tired of it or it turned out not what I had expected? Or might be considered inappropriate in some circles? So then I thought why not making flash tattoos that look like real ink but you can remove them after a party, holidays or a photoshoot. Isn’t that brilliant? Just imagine having a new tat every week: first a black lotus on the wrist, then a sleeve of watercolor flowers the next one and looking stunning in an open dress with a tender pastel peony on your back. Every our design is created by the best tattoo artists and illustrators who are inspired by fashion shows and the latest runway trends. I got this idea in Miami admiring inked beauties on the beach and the air filled with glamour, fun, sun and carefree spirit. You will find all this in every Miami Tattoos kit which are much more than just beach tattoos.”

    Want to know more about Miami Tattoos, please visit www.miamitats.com

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    Sup Cole World!

    I had the privaledge to sit down with one of if not the mbest Austin,TX based clothing lines here and talk to them about their clothing line. Enjoy…
    (GE = Golden Empire)

    1) What was the inspiration for Golden Empire? => GE- I wanted to build a brand that encompassed the talents my friends and I have including tattooing,fashion,music,skating,photography & film.

    2) I see there’s alot of females who have tattoos and such, do you target that demographic? => GE- Im a tattooer myself, I love dope tats and hot girls that have em so it only made sense.Im not saying that all my models have to be tatted up but good tattoo work is definitely a plus.


    3)  What’s the response Golden Empire has received from the people?  =>  GE- Its been great.We are a small indie brand that doesn’t do any crazy marketing or promotion so its awesome to see people rockn and reppin our clothes because its something unique and not because everybody else is wearing it.    

    4)  What’s your personal favorite piece of clothing from your clothing line?  => GE-  tough choice.”Lucky Kenzo” is my shit but I would have to choose the “Night Owl” me and my buddy Cal came up with that for one of my original designs,its a classic.  

    5)  Does Golden Empire have fall line for men and women? => GE- for sure,We a dropping new hoodies,crewnecks and tees for the fall.lookout for the rhino joint.


    6) Speaking of men and women, where do you find your models? They always have such a great look. => GE– the majority of my models are friends of mine the others are independent models who I came across and just had to work with.Major shouts to Heather Berhosky,Jody Kovac & Heels & Candy.


    7) Any upcoming projects you would like people to know about => GE- We are working on a few ill collabs with The Cool Kids, Jgoods & Kydd Jones.we also recently moved to Dallas and have a few things in the works for Dtown.




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    #SheTheISH ~ Heidi Klum

    Randomly came across this image of Heidi Klum’s tattoo.

    First, let me say that I love that she & Seal have what seems like such a ‘beautiful romance’ of a marriage. Biracial couple, clear of media exploits, with their beautiful children. Looking as good and as fresh as they (most likely) feel.

    Anyways, this tattoo just ads to the beauty of them… her tattoo for Seal, and mention to their three little stars! (4 now!)

    **Image Courtesy of Infinite Tattoos Blog**

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    Tiny Tattoos

    Tiny tattoo make a big impact. They are full of stories, emotions and meaning. I found these here. If you have a great tattoo, email them to me! yvonne@Heydoyou.com

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*