Say Something Baby

I watched the Say Something Baby video by Timberland and Drake…and i love the lead girl in this video! Homegirls HAIR! IT is so super cute and fly that it inspired me to go to LA’s top salon Kim Sun Young to get my hair did.

If you go there, make sure you get Robin Lee as your stylist – She is THE best and worth the wait. I waited 3 weeks to get an appointment with her.

Here is stylist Robin Lee sketching out how my hair’s gonna look like

I LOVE Robin! After reading all the Yelps about the salon, many posts refer to ‘Robin’ and she really is amazing in person too! She has a purple faux hawk and used to live in Germany with her husband while working for Revlon Colors!  She has lived in LA for 11 years and continues to be one of the most sought after stylists in downtown LA. Loves it.

So I took stills of the video with my Berry and brought it in to show her what I wanted…
Robin told me that my head shape is not the same as the girls and my hair is not curly but we can achieve this look but using a curling/flat iron and hairspray and some wax. She was so excited to do this ‘fun’ haircut and she might be cutting her hair the just like this too! Here is my cut. Let me know what you think (: I love it!

Pretty friggin close right ^_^

After (Blackberry pic)
Oooo la la (Fuji Camera Pic)
It’s twentyten, do it up.