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    (NY) Cutler Hair Model

    I love it when I get to be a hair model. You are cut by top notch hair students and I went to Cutler to get this shag trimmed up.  Here is my ‘before’:

    It is just so hard to grow your hair long… that awkward stage, I just cannot deal with it. 

    and then…Here is what it looks like 1 week later 🙂 Loves!

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    Vidal Sassoon

    I have told you all about the perks of being hair model right?  All you need is an open mind, a great attitude and a sense of adventure!  I went down to Yorkville today to get my hair cut my Vidal Sassoon’s stylist Yaso Aisha – who’s Year-2 of the 3-year apprentice program.

    If you guys remember my last hair cut -the Say Something Baby cut, it was kinda crazy and shaved and assymetric so we had to work with what my hair was already – half grown out, half crazy basically. I just wanted to create a stronger line, a rounder shape and a fresher look. Here is what we did.
    I love it.. I call the Rihanna mushroom cut 
    Oh ya, did I mention that it is totally free???
    I’ll take more pix tomorrow. Or come run into me at LG Fashion Week

    If you want to be a hair model, get at my girl Yaso 647.204.3398
    yasoaisha@gmail.com or get more info at Vidal Sassoon.  

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    For our Beauty Promotions class, we got to go visit the Joico head office in Arcadia, California!

    Not sure who was more excited, us or them!

    Joico is a professional hair care line that prides themselves in the art of healthy hair. 

    “We eat, sleep and breathe beauty. We develop innovative, top performing products. We design artistic imagery that inspires creativity. We surround ourselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the industry.”

    Though their main headquarters are in New York, the LA satellite office was stocked with high performance products and creative talent.

    Some inspiration in their in-house art department. There’s a super cute graphic designer that works there. Kyle, if you are reading this, holla at cha girl ^_^

    Marketing department

    Sneak peek at their mood boards for this season!

    I love this quote in the Joico boardroom

    Joico Director of Education Angelia Polsinelli telling us all about marketing a new product. She is wonderful! Thanks Angelia 🙂

    Those giant giftbags were for us! yay!

    You guys know how much I love hair products and doing hair shows… Like so many hair institutes, they always need heads to test new cuts, colors and products on. Guess what, they are looking for hair models! So if you are in California and want an amazing color & cut – make sure you get at Joico.
    Oh la la!

    Here’s what was in the giftbag. Joico hooked us up! Thank you + super excited to try out all these super luxe products.
    Follow on Twitter @joico
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    Say Something Baby

    I watched the Say Something Baby video by Timberland and Drake…and i love the lead girl in this video! Homegirls HAIR! IT is so super cute and fly that it inspired me to go to LA’s top salon Kim Sun Young to get my hair did.

    If you go there, make sure you get Robin Lee as your stylist – She is THE best and worth the wait. I waited 3 weeks to get an appointment with her.

    Here is stylist Robin Lee sketching out how my hair’s gonna look like

    I LOVE Robin! After reading all the Yelps about the salon, many posts refer to ‘Robin’ and she really is amazing in person too! She has a purple faux hawk and used to live in Germany with her husband while working for Revlon Colors!  She has lived in LA for 11 years and continues to be one of the most sought after stylists in downtown LA. Loves it.

    So I took stills of the video with my Berry and brought it in to show her what I wanted…
    Robin told me that my head shape is not the same as the girls and my hair is not curly but we can achieve this look but using a curling/flat iron and hairspray and some wax. She was so excited to do this ‘fun’ haircut and she might be cutting her hair the just like this too! Here is my cut. Let me know what you think (: I love it!

    Pretty friggin close right ^_^

    After (Blackberry pic)
    Oooo la la (Fuji Camera Pic)
    It’s twentyten, do it up.
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    New Do, New Hue

    So a few days ago.. i was thinking man my hair’s getting really long!

    A year ago (2008 April) I did the ABA in Toronto with Paul Mitchell and went from

    to this!!

    Cutting my hair short has be so liberating! You have to try it at least once in your lifetime. Then throughout the year, I experimented with Reds and Blondes

    Anyway… I was at Aveda today from 9am-5pm.. We did some color correction and brought my hair to a level 8 blonde…

    then to a desert storm ash

    I think I love it!

    Being a hair model is NOT for:

    • someone who clings on to their hair to define their look/personality style
    • someone is is afraid of change and will cry if something goes not exactly as planned
    • anyone anxious or timid
    • someone who has no hair, hair/scalp disease, severely damaged hair

    Being a hair model is for:

    • someone who is broke & fabulous (hello, recession?)
    • someone who wants to help hair styling students practice on real people
    • a confident person who is versatile and likes to switch up their look
    • someone who is tired of having the same hair style since 9th grade

    As long as you have an open mind and want to have a top grade hair cut & color for (free!)… do what I do! If you have any questions, ask me!

    If you want to be a hair model, participate in hair shows and take your look from a ‘Idaho’ to a ‘NYC’…
    Check out:

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