New Do, New Hue

So a few days ago.. i was thinking man my hair’s getting really long!

A year ago (2008 April) I did the ABA in Toronto with Paul Mitchell and went from

to this!!

Cutting my hair short has be so liberating! You have to try it at least once in your lifetime. Then throughout the year, I experimented with Reds and Blondes

Anyway… I was at Aveda today from 9am-5pm.. We did some color correction and brought my hair to a level 8 blonde…

then to a desert storm ash

I think I love it!

Being a hair model is NOT for:

  • someone who clings on to their hair to define their look/personality style
  • someone is is afraid of change and will cry if something goes not exactly as planned
  • anyone anxious or timid
  • someone who has no hair, hair/scalp disease, severely damaged hair

Being a hair model is for:

  • someone who is broke & fabulous (hello, recession?)
  • someone who wants to help hair styling students practice on real people
  • a confident person who is versatile and likes to switch up their look
  • someone who is tired of having the same hair style since 9th grade

As long as you have an open mind and want to have a top grade hair cut & color for (free!)… do what I do! If you have any questions, ask me!

If you want to be a hair model, participate in hair shows and take your look from a ‘Idaho’ to a ‘NYC’…
Check out:

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