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    Ice Ice Baby

    Recessionista got us all anti-bling these days. Flannel shirts, Casio watches and Keds. Really?

    I do kinda like this though… 🙂

    G-Shock Party at NYC
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    If Shoppers x Sephora had a baby…

    It would be Ulta. Have you been to this place? I went to the one in West Hollywood (Santa Monica & La Brea) after dropping off my Acer netbook to GeekSquad. This place is pretty much Shopper’s x Sephora. They carry a lot of great brands like Smashbox, Benefit, Essie, OPI, and store brand Ulta cosmetic everything! This place has great savings, a full spa/hair services available and a lot of samples and coupons. The store is huge and there is also one at Burbank and one in Pasadena… so recessionistas – this one is for you, check out Ulta. 🙂


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    Lashes Hookup!

    Attention makeup artists and beauty artists.. Here is a must have. A lot of people approach me and ask me where I get my lashes. They are great quality, terrific in photos and cheap enough to use all the time. Affordable beauty trends stem from Asia! Asian girls in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong.. etc wear these everywhere and everyday! PS: If you are every looking for anything made in china, check alibaba.com. Recession = opportunity for entrepreneurs!

    They are really easy to put on once you have practiced.
    1, curl your lashes.
    2, put a thin strip of lash glue (duo is my fave).
    3, WAIT about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, the voila! DOLL FACE

    If you are in the Toronto area, hit up my girl Lucy for cases of lashes for $20! Tell her I sent you and get $5 OFF

    Lucy – Wei Wei Cosmetics (US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea)
    222 Spadina Ave 2nd Floor Counter# 7. Go up the escalator and turn LEFT!

    Unapologetic-ly glamorous – like errr’day

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    Laid Off Camp

    Misery loves company, as the saying goes, but so, too—one could argue—do creative ideas. It should come as no great surprise, then, to see growing numbers of laid-off professionals coming together at newly launched LaidOffCamps to network, brainstorm and find inspiration for the next phase of their careers.

    Founded in January, LaidOffCamp organizes free, ad-hoc gatherings of unemployed and nontraditionally employed people—including freelancers and entrepreneurs—who want to share ideas and learn from each other. Sessions at LaidOffCamp meetings address topics such as living on an extreme budget, building a personal brand, how to be a freelance consultant and more. The camps are based on the Bar Camp model in which all attendees participate, and there are no prescheduled presentations. All planning and coordination is done through the LaidOffCamp wiki. The first day-long LaidOffCamp took place earlier this month in donated space in San Francisco, and was reportedly packed to bursting with attendees and potential employers alike. Many more LaidOffCamps are planned, beginning next month in Los Angeles.

    Necessity is the mother of invention, to use another oft-repeated saying. It may be rough going these days, but it’s also a time of opportunity, both for innovators and for sponsors. Apply free love and/or sympvertising today, and reap the rewards for years to come!

    Website: www.laidoffcamp.com
    Contact: info@laidoffcamp.com
    Follow LaidOffCamp on Twitter

    Living on a budget
    Building your personal brand
    Finding a job / work in this market
    How to freelance / be a consultant
    Finding co-founders
    Affordable health insurance

    from SpringWise.com

    From NatalieDee

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    New Do, New Hue

    So a few days ago.. i was thinking man my hair’s getting really long!

    A year ago (2008 April) I did the ABA in Toronto with Paul Mitchell and went from

    to this!!

    Cutting my hair short has be so liberating! You have to try it at least once in your lifetime. Then throughout the year, I experimented with Reds and Blondes

    Anyway… I was at Aveda today from 9am-5pm.. We did some color correction and brought my hair to a level 8 blonde…

    then to a desert storm ash

    I think I love it!

    Being a hair model is NOT for:

    • someone who clings on to their hair to define their look/personality style
    • someone is is afraid of change and will cry if something goes not exactly as planned
    • anyone anxious or timid
    • someone who has no hair, hair/scalp disease, severely damaged hair

    Being a hair model is for:

    • someone who is broke & fabulous (hello, recession?)
    • someone who wants to help hair styling students practice on real people
    • a confident person who is versatile and likes to switch up their look
    • someone who is tired of having the same hair style since 9th grade

    As long as you have an open mind and want to have a top grade hair cut & color for (free!)… do what I do! If you have any questions, ask me!

    If you want to be a hair model, participate in hair shows and take your look from a ‘Idaho’ to a ‘NYC’…
    Check out:

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