What’s your type?

From my observations, most men aren’t concerned with skincare for whatever reason. So it’s understandable that you would tilt your head to the side with confusion, when asked what your skin type is. For some of yout; soap, water, and maybe lotion are all you need in terms of “skin care”. Few even own skincare products; correct me if I’m wrong, but most of you are probably using your girlfriend/wife/female relative/’lady friend”(s) skincare products.. I admire your dedication, but this is something that needs to STOP as your skin is different.

You wear certain brands to compliment your style, so I think it’s time you used a product that’s made for YOUR type of skin; thus enhancing your complexion… You’ll love it and so we’ll she lol.

Your faces goes through a lot on a daily basis; the environment, sharp razor across the face (daily shave), aftershave *ouch*, add the daily stresses of life and the ever-changing weather and your skin is practically screaming for help.
Being your body’s largest organ, it’s about time you gave a damn about your skin no matter how resilient it is! Cleanse, Shave, Tone with Aftershave and moisturize. But first, you need to know about skin types, as well as how to identify your skin type.
Skin reacts to just about everything; pollution, medication, STRESS, the sun etc. Knowing how your skin deals under these kinds of conditions is the first step in identifying the products that suit your unique needs.
Skin Types: Oily, Normal, Dry, Sensitive or Combination.

Normal Skin: You know, never too oily, never too dry. You rarely get pimples therefore no blemishes. Seldom sunburn. More specifically; firmer skin with smaller pores. Watch out for wrinkles around the eyes and mouth… Daily cleansing and moisturizing at the least to maintain.

Oily Skin: larger pores especially on nose and chin. You get the occasional pimple, and have to deal with blemishes. Get that krispy kreme look after a couple hours. Tan easily, but rarely burn. The upside of oily skin? It’s soft, and is more resilient to wrinkles I hear! Products made for oily skin are the best for this type of skin!
Dry Skin: Tight. Flaky. Hurst in winter, so you Hate winter! Average pore size. Easily irritated, sensitive to touch. Need tons of hydration and care!
Sensitive Skin: Fine textured. Reacts to both hot and cold. Reacts easily; rashes etc. Average size pores. Seldom oily. Burns easily. If you have sensitive skin and shave on a regular basis, try amping up the moisturizing and using hypoallergenic products. Aloe is always a winner!
Combination Skin: An oily and dry combo usually across the forehead and down the nose and chin aka the T-zone, with dryer skin over the cheek area.
Normal/oily: when you have normal skin, and a T-zone.
Normal/Dry: when you have a normal T-zone and dry neck/cheek areas.

People with psoriasis or eczema often have the dry/sensitive skin type. Remedies? Constant hydration will keep the skin soft, calm and help to repair and restore the skin to it’s normal function!
“Problem” Skin: recurring break outs often secreting a fatty discharge. Oily, acne and blemish prone. Large pores. If you have “problem” skin, it’s best to consult a dermatologist if you haven’t already :). And remember as tempting as it may seem; don’t pick, squeeze or pop any pimples/whiteheads/blackheads etc.
If after this you’re still not sure what kind of skin you have, go out and see someone that knows about the business of skin!
As our skin is always changing, it’s important to pay attention to how your skin reacts at certain times of the year, this will help buying/switching products easier!