Ad Pod

Over the holidays, I saw these Ad Pods at the Toronto Eaton Centre. 

I like them! They were running adverts for the movie Sherlock Holmes. They are the new Proximity Marketing tool that uses Bluetooth and is eco-friendly (no paper). Do people get it?

Proximity marketing is the transmission of your message to a Bluetooth enabled mobile device (cell phone, PDA, Laptop computer) that comes within range of your transmitter. You could be sending your website address, store specials, two for one offers, business card,  Video, pictures, literally anything to potential customers who are near your store or business premises. 

It can even be taken mobile to venues like trade shows and outdoor events. So even when you are driving home from a long day at the office, the transmitter is working alongside you hitching a ride passing on your message to other commuters and expanding your potential client base. It is not spam and 100% legal. Interesting.