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    Donna Shepard Company….Making the Ordinary Spectacular!

    Your logo and message is the “rock” of  your promotional advertising.  Donna Shepard Company  creates custom, unique promotional products and transfers your logo / message into a rock solid impression that promotes your brand identity.

    Donna Shepard Company works closely with customers to find winning solutions. DSC is committed to understanding your goals and objectives at each promotional level. There is no order too small or too large that they can not deliver. Plus they provide solutions for your objectives that are cost effective.


     Donna Shepard began in the business 15 years ago by creating unique and customizable headwear with extra bells and whistles. The customizable experience enabled customers the flexibility to create a distinctive message for their brand or logo. DSC have expanded their operations from headwear to all promotional products.  Their focus is to create custom, unique promotional products that promotes your brand identity.  

    Below are only a few 0f the many brands Donna Shepard Company works with. Please go to

    http://www.donnashepardcompany.com/ for the list and other ideas. Online store coming soon!




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    In Love w. Louis

    I love ad’s that catch my attention and when it comes to fashion (especially couture) its becoming more and more difficult to decipher between designers when it comes to print!

    I spotted this ad in the April 2011 edition of UK Vogue and immediately fell in love! I’m obsessed with intricacy and detail so the Lurex Guipure pieces like the monogram fan in this above and seen on the runway below takes me beyond excitement.  The campaign is sexy, racy and daring… everything that France and Louis Vuitton should be. xo.



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    Love it Light

    reminding me of my two longest friends, Doc & Chelle, & moi

    Mum came to visit from England this past week (hence my active blogging absentee’ism) & told me about this Diet Coke campaign called ‘Love It Light’… and how much one of the characters looks like me… I giggled, when I looked further into it, each of the characters remind me of other ladies that I know.

    The cutie characters Eleanor, Bernadette & Irene are diva-stated and sophisticated ladies working at a fashion magazine; Diet Coke brings fashion & style to an always familiar brand… in a whole new way! I thought it was sooo cute and had to share with all of you! xo

    Ms. Kai 😉

    scenes from this & other ads from the campaign

    video courtesy of youtube.com

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Ad Pod

    Over the holidays, I saw these Ad Pods at the Toronto Eaton Centre. 

    I like them! They were running adverts for the movie Sherlock Holmes. They are the new Proximity Marketing tool that uses Bluetooth and is eco-friendly (no paper). Do people get it?

    Proximity marketing is the transmission of your message to a Bluetooth enabled mobile device (cell phone, PDA, Laptop computer) that comes within range of your transmitter. You could be sending your website address, store specials, two for one offers, business card,  Video, pictures, literally anything to potential customers who are near your store or business premises. 

    It can even be taken mobile to venues like trade shows and outdoor events. So even when you are driving home from a long day at the office, the transmitter is working alongside you hitching a ride passing on your message to other commuters and expanding your potential client base. It is not spam and 100% legal. Interesting.

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    Passion + Inspire!

    Thank you for having LongOverdew speak at Derrydown Public School! Given the chance to inspire young minds and tell the story of ‘following your PASSION’, LongOverdew had the opportunity to be a guestspeaker for the coolest Gr 4 & 5’s in Toronto!

    Passionate about what you do? Want to be a guest speaker at Derrydown PS? Email Mickella! mickellas@hotmail.com