MICABella Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

There are tons of lip glosses on the market, but ever so often one comes around that really stands out from the crowd.  That’s how I feel about MICABella Cosmetics’ Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Tube ($19.95).



Available in 8 colors – I tried Berry Red

The shine factor and amount of color are perfectly balanced.  You don’t end up looking greasy-lipped and the sheer color makes an impact without being too opaque.  The consistency can only be described as “kissable”—its water-resistant formula means it won’t disappear the moment you drink something, yet it isn’t sticky and thick.  The anti-leak gloss brush makes applying it a snap.  And my favorite feature is the delicious scent (think watermelon Jolly Rancher)—this has to be the best smelling lip product I have encountered (adds the kissability)!! 


MICABella Cosmetics’ products consist of all-natural powders which are made of 100% pure MICA and minerals.  They are free of preservatives, chemical dyes, talc, oils, or other fillers, and are healthy for any skin type.  For more information visit: www.micabeauty.com


kisses, Olisa