Clinique does it again!

OK! So clearly I’m on a youth-preservation skin-care kick right now…but HOW can I resist? I’ve just turned another year older and refuse to get caught up in the effects of time, well… I plan to do my best to age a lovely as I can… and I figure any girl is right along there with me! It’s best to start young… so let’s get it!

Clinique expands their ‘Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer’ with a new night moisturizer. I could break down all of the scientific ingredients (because there are a great many) but I figure it’s probably most effective to just let you know the necessities. The proteins help to extend the functions and life of skin cells, allowing the skin to repair and restore the signs of aging; other ingredients including vitamins E and C help to fight damage from daytime exposures and boost skins natural restoring agents. This product is available for very dry to dry, dry combination, and combination oily to oily.

Another Clinique product that I’ve fallen for is the ‘Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector’… this one is a skincare breakthrough, with visible signs of improvement in as little as four weeks. This new treatment is used to clear any dark spots, sun damage, age discolorations etc, etc, etc. If you have an area of discolouration, this is the treatment… it has five brightening ingredients, totally gentle and is ideal for sensitive skin types.