There are a handful of Canadian things that are really cool in the United States – Blackberry, Lululemon,  Drake and the Cirque!
When my sister came to visit me, we drove down to Irvine to see Cirque the Soleil’s Kooza! 
It was amazing!  Even though we got lost on the freeway and drove right past it, thought that the ‘Soleil’ balloon was an ominous moon, and we were sleepy, it was definitely worth it!

I tried to sneak in some photos with my Blackberry before I got caught and got yelled at.  See the risks i take just to blog ^_^
The Bouncy ones
The entourage
The acrobatic Triplets
The high life
If you get a chance, make sure you go see these amazing bendy people in a city near you.

30 minute intermissions + VIP food!
Cuteness, kinda drunk LOL
You have to be bendy to be part of the Cirque de Soleil