Weekend of Love

Saturday was an adventure. It started with a phone call from my girl Heather and we went to find ‘happy hour’ spots in Hollywood was to our liking. We started at Well… then to Velvet Margarita… then briefly to Jane’s House, then ended at the Village Idiot.

Everyone seemed a little too tense because of the pre-Valentine’s Day pressures, non conventional non-relationships but nothing that can’t be cured by cocktails. I wasn’t crazy about this place but I do love the wallpaper. (it might be upside down.. not sure)

Open kitchen concept across from the bar – dope!
Heather ran into some of her friends…
and I found some of mine..
ya might recognize him from the Bud superbowl commerical ^_^
and then we made some new ones!

then on SUNDAY…  the windows at Barnes & Nobles had me bubbling over with love.

My Valentine like errryday.. Jacob!
lmao.. how was your weekend?