Kawaii Deco and Nail Studio

I am so excited to meet Joyce tomorrow!  She is hooking me up with some super Kawaii (cute in Japanese!) nails! You know I have been blogging lots about the Hello Kitty manicure and amazing glitter gradations right?  She is offering us something super special for all HeyDoYou readers.  Wait til you see what I get! I am so thrilled!  

So here is somethings you can do before I get to unveil the masterpiece.

1. Join their Facebook group Kawaii Deco and Nail Studio
2. Glitter Gel Nails

the regular price for this set is $40. For our first time customers $25.
Tell Joyce, you heard about it from HeyDoYou and get the Full set of nails for $20 instead of $25 or $40. 

3. Glitter + Fimo decor

the regular price for this set is $50, again HeyDoYou readers get it fro $35
 I am totally getting this one!! 🙂  OMG! I am thinking something SATC like…

Facebook Store: Kawaii Deco Store
Contact Number: 647 299 0342
Appointments Only. (located in Richmond Hill)

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