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    Shop UK

    Ever been reunited with a long-lost love? Well that’s how I feel when I shop UK, nothing beats being there, but online shopping brings us pretty close. While doing a lil shop around, I spotted some cute finds at one of my favorite spots… Miss Selfridge.
    A crazy range of items, all super cute, for incredible prices. Please remember to consider the currency exchange, but either way, we can’t get mad at the quality and style for the price. Check out my finds, and then go grab some for yourself… spoil a lil… its SUMMER!!!

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    Dolman Tops

    I love Dolman tops for the summer. Sometimes, they can even double as dresses ^_^

    Pronunciation: \ˈdōl-mən-, ˈdȯl-, ˈdäl-\

    Function: noun
    Etymology: French dolman coat with dolman sleeves, from German Dolman or Hungarian dolmány, from Turkish dolama, a Turkish robe
    Date: 1934: a sleeve very wide at the armhole and tight at the wrist often cut in one piece with the bodice

    Have you ever worn one?  What do you think it looks best with and who should avoid this trend?

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    Kawaii Deco and Nail Studio

    I am so excited to meet Joyce tomorrow!  She is hooking me up with some super Kawaii (cute in Japanese!) nails! You know I have been blogging lots about the Hello Kitty manicure and amazing glitter gradations right?  She is offering us something super special for all HeyDoYou readers.  Wait til you see what I get! I am so thrilled!  

    So here is somethings you can do before I get to unveil the masterpiece.

    1. Join their Facebook group Kawaii Deco and Nail Studio
    2. Glitter Gel Nails

    the regular price for this set is $40. For our first time customers $25.
    Tell Joyce, you heard about it from HeyDoYou and get the Full set of nails for $20 instead of $25 or $40. 

    3. Glitter + Fimo decor

    the regular price for this set is $50, again HeyDoYou readers get it fro $35
     I am totally getting this one!! 🙂  OMG! I am thinking something SATC like…

    Facebook Store: Kawaii Deco Store
    Contact Number: 647 299 0342
    Appointments Only. (located in Richmond Hill)

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    I keep seeing Foxtail keychains so I made my dad buy me one at the Rosebowl a few weeks ago.

     It’s wild!

    They range from $10 – $1000 (Louis Vuitton) and they come from fox, racoons and minks. Mine was $15 and just lovely. Here I am shaking my tailfeather on Alvarado and 6th

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    Peep Toe Wedge

    If Alexander Wang said jump, we say Yippee!  I am not even a big fan of wedge heels but these detailed super high wedge heels are very enticing.
     I think they are just perfect with a tiny short summer dress.
    Alexander Wang
    Giuseppe Zanotti

    I got these bad boys from Sam Edelman at the PF Sample sale. I was flying from YYZ to LAX and this girl told me she’d been watching my shoes since we took off ^_^ lol…

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*