Malibu by U= FUN times!

“Anytime is a good time to unleash creativity”
Whenever I think about Malibu rum; I think sunshine, bikini, beach, and FUN TIMES!
The brand that brought us the original coconut flavoured rum, has brought another first to Canadians; Malibu by U™
So what’s different? Well the iconic all-white Malibu by U bottle has an anti-smudge top layer and acts as a blank canvas for limitless self-expression by YOU
The iconic white bottle…

In addition to being filled with the iconic coconut rum, Malibu U also includes four vibrant markers, which were inspired by colors of the Caribbean; giving YOU creative ownership to transform the famous white bottle into a true work of art. YOU can also use permanent markers if you need more colors and feel your  bottle needs a lil more umph!
Malibu also selected three up-and-coming Toronto artists to create their own unique Malibu by U designs, you can see them in action here.

“Damzel in this dress” Bottle
David Glantz
Nick Fox bottle

Make sure you visit to create your own virtual Malibu by U bottle!

Ps: there’s also a competition to win a trip for 4 to Barbados!!!

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