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    Malibu by U= FUN times!

    “Anytime is a good time to unleash creativity”
    Whenever I think about Malibu rum; I think sunshine, bikini, beach, and FUN TIMES!
    The brand that brought us the original coconut flavoured rum, has brought another first to Canadians; Malibu by U™
    So what’s different? Well the iconic all-white Malibu by U bottle has an anti-smudge top layer and acts as a blank canvas for limitless self-expression by YOU
    The iconic white bottle…

    In addition to being filled with the iconic coconut rum, Malibu U also includes four vibrant markers, which were inspired by colors of the Caribbean; giving YOU creative ownership to transform the famous white bottle into a true work of art. YOU can also use permanent markers if you need more colors and feel your  bottle needs a lil more umph!
    Malibu also selected three up-and-coming Toronto artists to create their own unique Malibu by U designs, you can see them in action here.

    “Damzel in this dress” Bottle
    David Glantz
    Nick Fox bottle

    Make sure you visit www.malibu-rum.com/byu to create your own virtual Malibu by U bottle!

    Ps: there’s also a competition to win a trip for 4 to Barbados!!!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Super Heros Unite – Martini Party!

    Super Heroes Unite: Young artists depicting unity through diversity in artwork

    TORONTO, August 15, 2008 — DLM Entertainment announced today the debut of the Super Heroes Unite (SHU) project on August 21, 2008 at 8:30 pm in the DLM studios located at 1610 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

    Super Heroes Unite is a project created by two Canadian artists, Mark Williams and Joe Bonsu and it involves the creation of superheroes from around the world, placing each superhero in a different country and emphasizing the importance of unity through diversity in their artwork. “This work appeals to everyone and it instils a strong sense of pride for your heritage, but also touches strongly on the idea that diversity enriches our experiences and ultimately unites us,” explained the creators of the project.

    Super Heroes Unite will be showcasing their artwork and selling a variety of merchandize, featuring the Super Heroes Unite characters, at the launch event scheduled for August 21, 2008. Also, there will be exclusive limited edition pieces for sale on site available for a special price to those in attendance.

    For more information about Super Heroes Unite please contact Shawn Cuffie, team leader and CEO of DLM Entertainment at (416) 516-7452.

    You can also find more information about Super Heroes Unite, keep updated on new characters and products by visiting its website www.superheroesunite.com or by searching its facebook page.


    Media Contact: Shawn Cuffie, 416-516-7452