“Beanpie’s struggle is the ultimate struggle of pursuing one’s passion. It’s about perseverance, integrity, and richness of character. It teaches us that the only limits in life are the ones that we imagine.“- BP Comics

If I wasn’t playing with Barbie, or on my SEGA he he, I had my face buried in comic books! But I have to admit that at some point, homework started taking over my life and I soon lost touch with what used to be one of my fave things to do. THANK YOU to everybody over at Beanpie Comics for sending us the first issue of BEANPIE! The front cover had me interested right way, so I sat down and had looksie 🙂

getting into it…
loving it…

“What starts off as a comical, light hearted, series of daily mishaps; develops into a story of substance, where we begin to root for his success. His friends and family provoke and taunt him, but with every failed invention, he finds the strength within to follow his dream.”- BP Comics

Get it. Read it. Wear it. Support it.
I know Shay gave you guys a run down about what Beanpie is all about it, so I won’t go over it again lol. I will say though; to everybody out there, that’s pursuing their passion to make their dreams come true, or anyone just trying to do something positive in this world, KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP. 
Love you guys!
follow them twitter.com/iambeanpie!!

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