Arenbe Williams

Arenbe Williams, singer/songwriter and CEO of Beautiful Musik Recordings, LLC.  A soulful southern boy raised in Louisiana who now calls Las Vegas home, has been writing and singing his own music since the age of 14.  His experience boasts tours with Ruff Ryder/Cash Money in 2001 and most recently, “Rock the Ink”–a mini tour for a large tattoo convention–in October of 2009.  His distinctive voice, gathers a varied fan base–those who share a common taste for that soulful “old school” R & B sound.  He released “Beautiful Musik (The EP) on August 01, 2010, which has received welcoming and supportive feedback. 
Available for free download at:
He’s currently in the studio working on his full album–yet untitled, and will be on tour beginning October 2010.  Stay connected with Arenbe Williams and his Beautiful Musik Recordings, LLC project with the following sites:

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