It’s here!!! MANIFESTO 2010!!

People are you READY!! I AM!!
So last week we were all about TIFF. This week is MUSIC WEEK, and MANIFESTO begins today!!! As promised, I plan to fully dunk myself in all the MANIFESTO 2010 activities!! So make sure you guys keep checking back here for updates on the AMAZINGNESS that is this festival!
This is happening in our city people, make sure you come out, support and HAVE FUN!
I get crazy excited just thinking about all the different artists we get a chance to experience!!

“The Festival unites top Canadian and International artists showcasing passion, diversity and raw talent, inspiring community through creativity and culture. Energizing, supporting and celebrating Toronto’s vibrant and diverse music & arts community…a catalyst for creative evolution and social change.– MANIFESTO
peace and blessings,
Shout outs to all the people taking part, the MANIFESTO team, and Julz!!*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*