Let love be your rock.

Taurus $1,980

UK designer S.A.P has really blown me away. Her jewelry and perfume reflect her quirky yet high end style. With Collections like Stoned, Poison, Kinetic and pieces called Ball Crusher, Big Fringe all with gold, diamond and precious metals…. Ah-mazing! This little rabbit want her ‘carats’.

Marry Me – $1500

When I see jewelry like this, i KNOW that my future husband will be getting me a special keepsake like this when he proposes… No Tiffany for this girl!

$1500 – I want this!

Her website is like an adventure it itself and each product has it’s own flash preview to set the mood. I found out there’s a store here in LA on Rodeo! I am excited to go smell the 2 perfumes they have. The bottles look sensational and the ‘candy’ descriptions might have found me my new signature scent. I’ll go tomorrow.. maybe.


Watch this promotional Stoned Launch Movie called ‘The Letter’ and I promise you will love Solange as much as I do.

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