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    Perry Ellis

    First show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I attended today is Perry Ellis.  Interesting inspiration from street style. Lots of tucked in trousers, elbow pads, chunky sweaters and James Dean hair.

    Photo pit

    Justin! Hello Tucked LLC

    I spy with my lil eye some really sexy in the front row.. ps he’s not wearing purple

    now for some sexy street style – Dapper Lou

    UK Style

    my #34 <3

    I find all the things I love off the runway, on the sidewalk. See the entire collection at style.com

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    Chau Har Lee

    CHL is one bad bitch. She is from the UK and a badass shoe designer. Her designs take your breath away and infuse architectural precision with fashionable seduction. This is as sexy as it gets.

    2007-2009: MA in Fashion Womenswear Footwear, School of Fashion and Textiles, Royal College of Art, London, UK
    1999-2002: BA (Hons) Design, Marketing and Product Development in Footwear, Cordwainers College, London, UK
    1998-1999: BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

    She got her schooling on and truly fine tuned her love of shoes and fashion into these creations that are taking the industry by storm.

    Who do I have to kill to get my hands on these!

    more Chau Har Lee here

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    Let love be your rock.

    Taurus $1,980

    UK designer S.A.P has really blown me away. Her jewelry and perfume reflect her quirky yet high end style. With Collections like Stoned, Poison, Kinetic and pieces called Ball Crusher, Big Fringe all with gold, diamond and precious metals…. Ah-mazing! This little rabbit want her ‘carats’.

    Marry Me – $1500

    When I see jewelry like this, i KNOW that my future husband will be getting me a special keepsake like this when he proposes… No Tiffany for this girl!

    $1500 – I want this!

    Her website is like an adventure it itself and each product has it’s own flash preview to set the mood. I found out there’s a store here in LA on Rodeo! I am excited to go smell the 2 perfumes they have. The bottles look sensational and the ‘candy’ descriptions might have found me my new signature scent. I’ll go tomorrow.. maybe.


    Watch this promotional Stoned Launch Movie called ‘The Letter’ and I promise you will love Solange as much as I do.

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    Mad Music: La Roux

    Translated to “The Red One”, the name La Roux, like this band is less than ordinary. More of a duo, the act is made up of 22 year old Eleanor Jackson who takes lead as singer, keyboardist, co-writer & co-producer as well as Ben Langmaid; keyboardist, co-writer & co-producer.

    After being a part of many major European concert festivals to include Glastonbury & Leeds, they crossed their talents over to North America, with performances at Lollapalooza and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Now, after multiple genres have digested the exposure, this electro/synth-pop duo is making a name for themselves in the mainstream markets with tracks like ‘I’m not your Toy’, ‘In For the Kill’, & newest single ‘Bulletproof’ (video seen below). Everyone from the rockers to the thugs can get down with La Roux’s sound, is it (in part) due to their urban-tied Brixton, London roots? My bias assumption is yes… but either way, their sound is like no current other & I am loving La Roux all day! xoxo

    Photo courtesy of Life Brisbane

    LA ROUX ‘BULLETPROOF’ from soyo on Vimeo.

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    Shop UK

    Ever been reunited with a long-lost love? Well that’s how I feel when I shop UK, nothing beats being there, but online shopping brings us pretty close. While doing a lil shop around, I spotted some cute finds at one of my favorite spots… Miss Selfridge.
    A crazy range of items, all super cute, for incredible prices. Please remember to consider the currency exchange, but either way, we can’t get mad at the quality and style for the price. Check out my finds, and then go grab some for yourself… spoil a lil… its SUMMER!!!

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    Ooooh… I luv ur way ~ Lily Allen

    Yeah… so perhaps it is predictable, but how could I resist??? I almost feel this natural obligation to feature UK celebs/talent and share… from one homeland to another!!! Thus featuring: Lily Allen. As though her bad ass, “I don’t give a #^$%” persona wasn’t enough to grab any one’s attention; her fashion sense is the biz… she just makes it work! Aside from THAT, try to resist becoming addicted to her soulful sound and the way that she takes relatable lyrics (coded at times) and puts them on beats that one can’t help but bob their heads to! While critics are often skeptical about her talent, she has received awards and recognition from the masses, although I will warn that her “lyrical content may be seen as offensive by some audiences”! Featured with Common on “Drivin’ Me Wild” brought her sound to the North American charts but Ms. Allen has been winning hearts in the UK since… 1995, all starting with a MySpace page!!! And what’s next for Lily Allen? After having launched her own line of dresses, shoes and accessories titled ‘Lily Loves’, she currently has no plans to make another album and did not renew her record contract. It seems her “special relationship” with Chanel has channelled her efforts that-a-way… she’s scheduled to open a clothing rental boutique!

    The song that brought her to the urban market… in my opinion

    My all-time fav Lily Allen song; picture Me, Mum, bacon butties and Sunday morning BBC3

    remix feat. Wale ~ produced by Marc Ronson & featured on Wale’s ‘100Miles and Running’ Mixtape

    Don’t be afraid of the title, take in the lyrics