Mad Music: La Roux

Translated to “The Red One”, the name La Roux, like this band is less than ordinary. More of a duo, the act is made up of 22 year old Eleanor Jackson who takes lead as singer, keyboardist, co-writer & co-producer as well as Ben Langmaid; keyboardist, co-writer & co-producer.

After being a part of many major European concert festivals to include Glastonbury & Leeds, they crossed their talents over to North America, with performances at Lollapalooza and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Now, after multiple genres have digested the exposure, this electro/synth-pop duo is making a name for themselves in the mainstream markets with tracks like ‘I’m not your Toy’, ‘In For the Kill’, & newest single ‘Bulletproof’ (video seen below). Everyone from the rockers to the thugs can get down with La Roux’s sound, is it (in part) due to their urban-tied Brixton, London roots? My bias assumption is yes… but either way, their sound is like no current other & I am loving La Roux all day! xoxo

Photo courtesy of Life Brisbane

LA ROUX ‘BULLETPROOF’ from soyo on Vimeo.