Trend Fire Engine Red Hair

I did this when I was in high school with Fudge hair color from Australia. I liked it for a few days but when it washed out, it wasn’t as fun.

 What do you think? Would you do red?

If you want to try this at home. Bleach the hell out of your hair so it gets to about a yellow blonde – then use toner and take out all the yellow undertones so it becomes ash. Then put the red to work. There WILL be a mess in the bathroom. FYI … and all your towels will be ruined for the next 3 weeks.
This won’t work with your typical Loreal or box hair dyes.. You need to pull out the specialty dyes. Fudge Paint box and Manic Panic are the ones I recommend. You can get them at Beauty Supply and specialty stores.  Good luck!

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