Zoom! with Dr Habermeyer

I went to my first dental visit in LA yesterday with Dr Habermeyer in Torrance…!  It was fun 🙂

See how my teeth are dull and not shiny?

He has been creating beautiful smiles in Torrance for the last 30 years and he really made me feel extremely comfortable!

When I was young, I had the whole 9 yards, braces, retainer, headgear you name it. I use and electric toothbrush and I love Tom’s Natural toothpaste.  Despite all my efforts and flossing, I still get cavities, still need root canals, still need to get my wisdom teeth out. 🙁 sad.

But check out the results of my Zoom! Whitening!  I did feel sensitive afterward but 2 Advils after I’m fine today!

See how white they are now!

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