Beverly Hills Iconic Fragrance Collection

The home of the rich and famous, the fabulous and beautiful, Beverly Hills has finally decided make itself tangible to the world. The city of Beverly Hills, with the support of the mayor and his councilmen, has created a Fragrance and Beauty Collection with the Beverly Hills trademark.
On October 12th, the great reveal of the BH-centric fragrances was unveiled at the beautiful Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. JT Brands along with perfumers and arborists created three scents that incorporate the flowers and plants native to Beverly Hills. With scents like Wild Sweet Pea, Peony, and Peach Orchid, all three scents embody the typical Beverly Hills woman in different times of day.

Must Have” is for the energetic, spontaneous BH women with fruity top notes and a heart including Wild Sweet Pea and Lotus Flower.
Rodeo Drive” is a velvety blend of white florals with sensual musks and woods including Peony and White Cedar for the sophisticated, elegant BH woman out for a night on the red carpet.
Ironic” is a rich floral rose jus with a  blend of berries, Wild Rose and Peach Orchid and dries down to its sexy patchouli and Sandalwood base for the mysterious BH woman.
Also in the works of BH Beauty is a skin care line.
Take a look at the host of the evening, Forbes Riley and the gorgeous girls presenting the scents throughout the night.

These fragrances will be available online in late 2010 at and in selected retailers in the U.S., France, United Kingdom and Dubai in early 2011.
Stayed posted for a giveaway of these perfumes soon!

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