(NY) 1 Month

I have a cozy studio apartment in West Village. It is considered downtown Manhattan and the neighborhood is just lovely. Compared to Toronto, I would say it’s a mix between Liberty Village and Kensington. Compared to LA, I would say it’s very Abbot Kinney with a Venice Beach feel.  I love my big windows!  So when I moved here, I had none of my stuff  so I only had my mattress and the ‘make a closet’ from Target. Kinda empty right?
but alas, my things arrived in 8 mangled boxes via Fed Ex ground eventually 2 weeks later.
So with I had to find a place for all my clothes, shoes and clothes and more shoes.

OMG right? But guess what, it all fit in my ‘closet’!

Ta-da! Shoes on the left, tops on the right and all hangables on the top, skirts on the bottom, bags on the top! Woo!

We are just a hop skip away from NYU and Washington Square. On the weekend, a guy rolls his piano there and plays for everyone! He is a concert pianist at the very least – it’s wonderful.

Two bright windows, more than happy! I can people watch and sit by the window thinking about my life… and what to blog πŸ™‚

I have yet to find a ‘bed’ but I am okay with my mattress for now.

So this is the tour – Here is my room, closet, bed and mini sofa

And right beside the bed, is my kitchenette, perfect for small gourmet meals for 1.

The door is right beside it.. lol. This is how cozy and quaint New York apartments are.

Right past my kitchenette is my bathroom! It has a stand up shower, sink and toilet. I pee/shower with the door open cuz… it get a bit claustrophobic because it’s so tiny.
So that’s my place! 1 month in New York so far… so far so good πŸ™‚ Please come visit, but 1 at a time…!

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