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    The British Candies Are Coming, The British Candies Are Coming @LondonCandyCo

    If there’s one thing I know best, it’s candy. Give me a sticky, gooey, chewy mixed bag of candy over a hot dinner any day! So it was with great childlike excitement that I attended London Candy Company’s grand opening event in NYC’s West Village this week. It goes without saying that this place is chock full of British candy, and if you think all candy tastes the same, you’re wrong! Candy connoisseurs (I like to think I’m one) will know that there’s a huge difference in the taste, texture and overall yumminess of British sweets. From the smooth, velvety texture of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to the extra…

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    Always Wanted to Live in NYC?

    I am subletting my Manhattan apartment!   If you want the details, click here Greenwich Village,[pronunciation 1] in New York often simply called “the Village”, is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City. A large majority of the district is home to upper middle class families. Greenwich Village, however, was known in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries as an artists’ haven, the bohemian capital, and the East Coast birthplace of the Beat movement. What provided the initial attractive character of the community eventually contributed to its gentrification and commercialization.[2] The neighborhood is bordered by Broadway to the East, the Hudson River to the West, Houston Street to the South, and 14th Street…

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    Amber in West Village with @MaxamusEnt

    When my wonderfully crazy friend Taj the Blacklion came to NYC for a visit last week, I was so excited to have dinner together. Knowing that he was an EX-New Yorker, and me being a relatively new one, I had to take him to the new hot spot du jour – You know they change quicker than a NY Minute! Nothing better than good friends and good food right? Amber is a resto-lounge in West Village with incredible decor and even better food. I had the Duck Hirata Buns, Rock Tempura Shrimp and Unagi Rolls. Nom nom More info here http://www.yelp.com/biz/amber-village-new-york  

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    www.sockerbit.com A new candy store popped up in the neighborhood!  Stark white and full of delicious Swedish treats. The staff is friendly and the selection is amazing. I tried a little bit of every piece and my bill came to $3.68.  My favorite is the Cola Snake, the square marshmellows and coconut clusters.  I will be back for sure. *sweet & swedish* GMO free ingredients is very important and a great unique selling point. Being just down the street is also wonderful 🙂 Just to quench my candy cravings this summer. Sweet! More pics of Sockerbit on Justin’s blog www.tuckedstyle.com

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    (NY) 1 Month

    I have a cozy studio apartment in West Village. It is considered downtown Manhattan and the neighborhood is just lovely. Compared to Toronto, I would say it’s a mix between Liberty Village and Kensington. Compared to LA, I would say it’s very Abbot Kinney with a Venice Beach feel.  I love my big windows!  So when I moved here, I had none of my stuff  so I only had my mattress and the ‘make a closet’ from Target. Kinda empty right? but alas, my things arrived in 8 mangled boxes via Fed Ex ground eventually 2 weeks later. So with I had to find a place for all my clothes,…