(T.O.): Don’t sh*t where you…

Great customer service rocks my world, so I go a little crazy when I witness even the smallest parts that make up great customer service (What can I say, I’m majoring in Hospitality). Today I worked with a guy that’s a favorite amongst the customers and the staff; he chats with everyone that comes in, I swear he’s always smiling; simply put, he’s very personable! Anyway at the beginning of his shift he realizes his shirt has the word “shit” on the back of it; as you know that’s unacceptable in most work environments, so what does he do? He tapes over the word “shit”. Me? Super impressed. Lol

“Don’t sh*t where you eat my friend” and he made sure not too!! *still impressed* lol

That simple act shows his respect for his work place, co-workers, and not to mention the customers. Had he kept it exposed, I’m sure there would have been a few raised eyebrows. Anyway, It was an excellent conversation starter with the customers, I didn’t see one customer who didn’t ask and laugh about it!
Just wanted to share 🙂 I don’t believe grand gestures display good customer service, it’s the small things that really count. That is all. This ends an excellent week at work 🙂 I just wish I could say the same for school… *sigh*
peace and love
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