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    @MyFreshShirt cleans with @SeventhGen

    My Fresh Shirt is New York City’s first online, eco-friendly, pick up & delivery service offering 2 hour service windows similar to Fresh Direct. Non-doorman residents enjoy the convenience of scheduling service around your busy day. If you live in a doorman building its just as easy. Simply schedule the day of service requested, leave with your doorman and we’ll take care of the rest!

    My Fresh Shirt works directly from our processing facility to you. While we have corporate offices in NYC we do not have retail locations in NYC, which allows our services to grow organically while we focus on providing our customers with the best possible cleaning and customer service.

    My Fresh Shirt was created by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers. Providing service in 24 zip codes throughout NYC!

    Welcome to The Laundry Revolution.


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  • Toronto


    I’ve been looking around everywhere in T.O. to find a place to print out some school work, and to get some business cards printed and really and truly I finally, finally, finally found a place. The guys at Global Ink were amazing, super friendly, helpful and literally went out of their way to make sure my stuff was completed!!! Both Marco and Bruno were so much help and I got my project done and cards printed in less than a week.. Like seriously they actually go out of their way to give the best customer service. Check them out for all your printing needs 🙂

    check their website here  

    follow them on twitter: @globalink_ca 

    email the guys at marco@globalink.ca & bruno@globalink.ca

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    (T.O.): Don’t sh*t where you…

    Great customer service rocks my world, so I go a little crazy when I witness even the smallest parts that make up great customer service (What can I say, I’m majoring in Hospitality). Today I worked with a guy that’s a favorite amongst the customers and the staff; he chats with everyone that comes in, I swear he’s always smiling; simply put, he’s very personable! Anyway at the beginning of his shift he realizes his shirt has the word “shit” on the back of it; as you know that’s unacceptable in most work environments, so what does he do? He tapes over the word “shit”. Me? Super impressed. Lol

    “Don’t sh*t where you eat my friend” and he made sure not too!! *still impressed* lol

    That simple act shows his respect for his work place, co-workers, and not to mention the customers. Had he kept it exposed, I’m sure there would have been a few raised eyebrows. Anyway, It was an excellent conversation starter with the customers, I didn’t see one customer who didn’t ask and laugh about it!
    Just wanted to share 🙂 I don’t believe grand gestures display good customer service, it’s the small things that really count. That is all. This ends an excellent week at work 🙂 I just wish I could say the same for school… *sigh*
    peace and love
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