(T.O) Smirnoff Night Exchange – Canada meets India

Last night I went to India and had a hell of a good time. Epic night!

 As soon as I stepped inside the Munition Factory, I was instantly transferred to the Indian Bazaar. The exotic display of decorations, the collection of shops, the musicians, the food, and the dancers made the atmosphere real. It was Incredible! Check out the great pics.

The musicians setting the mood
Chef cooking up some delicious Indian cuisines….yum
Tantric wall with living statues
Isis mashin up the stage

Dragonette is on fire!

The drink tix were real rupees
Yes girl do your thang
Me & Tika don’t we look pretty!
Hey beautiful ladies
I’m gettin my henna on
Me & Fefe Dobson havin a good time
Delicious food, a lot of beautiful people, incredible music and how could I forget Smirnoff Smirnoff and more Smirnoff vodka! Thank you Smirnoff for an unforgettable night.
Tash xo

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