Perfect Pout

People always say the brows frame the face and make the look just that much better. Well in my opinion, its the lips that make the statement. The lips are equally important, if not the most, in every look whether day or night. Your lips could be the star of the show or create a soft background for your eyes. Bottom line, no matter what your lips are a big deal so I thought i’d share with you the way I achieve my perfect pout.
I start out with smooth lips. After I brush my teeth, while the brush is still moist, I brush my lips lightly so remove dead skin. Using a dry toothbrush can be too harsh for your lips. I also like the way the mintyness on my toothbrush makes my lips feel.
 After brushing off the dead skin, pat your lips dry with a soft towel and moisturize with a very thin layer of your favorite lip balm.
Then using a lip liner, line your lips. If you have smaller lips, line the very outside of your lip line for the illusion of fuller lips. Make sure you line them and shape them well because this is the foundation for your perfect pout. Fill in the rest of your lips to create a canvas for your lipstick.
Now apply your lipstick evenly. Be sure that this isn’t a super dry lipstick even if you’re going for a matte look. Dry lipstick may look good when you first apply it but after a while you’ll start seeing it  making your lips look cracked.
NARS Lipstick $24 (my favorite color is Honolulu Honey)
After you apply your lipstick, it’s time to really perfect your lips. A lot of people like to conceal their lips before they put on lip color to get the perfect lip line but I’ve found that as your lip color comes off, so does the concealer since it’s mainly on your lips as well. I like to apply my lipstick then go back and conceal around my lip line with a creamy concealer. Use a creamy concealer instead of a cakey one so you get a smooth, sheer wash. This will also help you erase any mistakes you made while lining your lips or putting on your lipstick.
Last but certainly not least, loose powder. Set the concealer around your lips with loose powder. Use a small concealer brush to dust the powder generously making sure the concealer won’t budge. This way when you’re eating or as your lipstick fades throughout the night, your lip line still looks perfect.
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre $52 (my favorite loose powder EVER)
This quick trick has never failed me. Even as my lipstick starts to fade throughout the day or as the night goes on, my lips still look fab! No more worries about lip color smearing in the wrong places and feathering past your lip line. The concealer acts like a little barrier preventing color to travel. Now you can be free to eat and drink as you please worry-free (about your lips, that is).

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