(T.O.) Did you ever?

Random thought, do people really cheat during exams? I always remember being very afraid of cheating, I simply couldn’t bare the embarrassment of getting caught! I’ve been in exams and witnessed people get caught, and it’s not a pretty sight. Just imagine, paper is torn up, everybody has that “oh sh*t” expression on their face including you, AND you get a big fat ZERO for that course!

It’s funny to watch but I’ll pass on that one. I remember sitting in the lounge at the school I’m currently attending (no name dropping) with a bunch of people, making “cheat notes” because we hadn’t studied. Yeah yeah whatever ha ha ha. But then I was always too afraid to use them, and would just throw them away. I want to be done with school as soon as possible, so I’ll be damned if I’m stuck re-taking courses or suspended/expelled cause I got caught cheating. No ma’am.
peace and love (and goodluck!)
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