(T.O.) New Years Resolution

I’m all about Toronto artists. I truly do believe that we have a talented city. Whether it’s music, creative arts, or dance Toronto is the place to be for this. So January 6th, 2011 – make sure you come out to support some of Toronto’s finest in the hip hop game.

LADIES FREE before 11:30pm!!!!
$4 TEQUILA shots before 11:30!!!

–[ Charlie Murphy ]–
Feel free to listen to the: Charlie Murphy Mixtape 

–[ Harr1s aka H1 ]–
Check out: Harr1s

–[ Tre Leji ]–

Check out: Tre Leji

Also Dj James Redi will be spinning….. 
Hope to see everyone there…. 
Check out the Facebook Invite

 xo Tanya 

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