(T.O) My New Year’s Resolution for 2011

#1 Stop being a LAZY ACTOR!

After graduating from Theatre school over 3 yrs ago, I’ve been working steadily in my field. Whether it was workshopping a play, doing a fringe/summerworks show, teaching workshops or touring, I was working. I am very grateful for that, believe me I am. I’ve been able to survive in this industry and pay my bills with the help of a Joe job of course. I know a lot of people who graduate theatre school and end up switching fields, because it was hard to make a living or they couldn’t find work.
So your probably thinking “how are you being lazy, if you’ve been working?” Well, I’ve been working steadily for 3yrs with the same theatre company. I don’t have an agent. I haven’t submitted myself for other work, with other theatre companies. I’ve been sitting in a place of comfort for a while now and I’m at the point in my life/career where I want more! I need a change. I need to get an agent. I need to get my face out there. With the encouragement of the people around me, I have decided to make that change. To leave the known and venture out into the unknown.
Things to do:
1) Get an agent! For the new year I will be submitting a package to every single reputable agent I can think of or find
2) I need to find new monologues for my repertoire and submit myself to as much general auditions as I can.
3) If I can afford it, get new headshots
4) I need to get more on camera experience, which means classes
5) Read more plays
I’ll keep you guys updated.
Tash xo

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