(T.O) Resolutions

The holiday season is complete and now it’s time to really reflect on yourself and how to make yourself better for next year. This year I know I grew up a lot and went through alot of roller coaster rides. Break ups and make ups and a lot of drama with friends, I ended up staying to the side and just spending the holiday season with the people that mean the most to me- my family. I know that sounds corny and what not, but I had one of the funnest holiday seasons ever. Next year I plan to bring even more bad girl swag to everything, and plan to be the best person I can be. I want to read, write, learn, and smile every single day. Yes it might sound corny, but maybe I’m a corny person. There is no reason or no one that is putting me back in these goals (anymore) and I’m glad. Who knows what this specifically means, but I know it will be a fun year.

My resolutions are:
– get back into school… (study!!)
– workout more!!!
– read! read! read!
– turn negativity into positivity
– and save! save! save!

2011 is coming and I’m ready (and cannot wait).

what are your goals/plans for the next year??? 

xo Tanya 

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