Growing Up

Recently with my schedule all over the place and be being stressed out to the max, I havent been able to take time to relax and enjoy. This weekend that is exactly what I did. Stayed home, went out with the ladies, attended the one of a kind show, and basically just did me. It was a great weekend, and ladies and gents, I have been getting more into my female side.

Growing up I wasn’t what you would call a girly girl nor was I a tom boy. I was a girl that just loved to do everything and anything, and would love to get her hands dirty just as much as the next girl. Now a days, and especially this weeknd, I have just gotten into wearing more makeup — I love MAC … and basically just dressing like a girl. I never knew I had so much ‘girly clothes’ and haven’t worn them. ahem, I also wore HEELS to school the other day.. oh lordy, I have unleashed the beast ahahaha

Seems like Bella also had a growing up realization too. *dances*

Plus now my mom wants to set me up on blind dates and basically dress me like her doll. Thanks but no thanks mom!! Got to say though, I love being dressed up and wearing makeup, I look so much more alive.

yay Pink Lips are hot for spring….

Have you recently gone through this faze?? Maybe it’s not a faze and just a life realization.. What do you think ??