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    Growing Up

    Recently with my schedule all over the place and be being stressed out to the max, I havent been able to take time to relax and enjoy. This weekend that is exactly what I did. Stayed home, went out with the ladies, attended the one of a kind show, and basically just did me. It was a great weekend, and ladies and gents, I have been getting more into my female side.

    Growing up I wasn’t what you would call a girly girl nor was I a tom boy. I was a girl that just loved to do everything and anything, and would love to get her hands dirty just as much as the next girl. Now a days, and especially this weeknd, I have just gotten into wearing more makeup — I love MAC … and basically just dressing like a girl. I never knew I had so much ‘girly clothes’ and haven’t worn them. ahem, I also wore HEELS to school the other day.. oh lordy, I have unleashed the beast ahahaha

    Seems like Bella also had a growing up realization too. *dances*

    Plus now my mom wants to set me up on blind dates and basically dress me like her doll. Thanks but no thanks mom!! Got to say though, I love being dressed up and wearing makeup, I look so much more alive.

    yay Pink Lips are hot for spring….

    Have you recently gone through this faze?? Maybe it’s not a faze and just a life realization.. What do you think ??

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    Shrinks When Wet

    Who remembers those mandatory swimming sessions during gym class? I remember them..and I hated them. Not because I couldn’t swim, but because it messed with my do.

    I don’t wanna, and I ain’t gonna! lol

    I would come to school with cute curls, and by the end of the day I went home looking tore up from the floor up. AND to make it worse, I always seemed to have Phys. Ed earlier on in the day, with more classes to come; so that meant that I had to walk around looking a hot mess for the rest day.

    Hair before jumping in the pool…

    I tried swimming caps etc, and none of that stuff worked; all I know is that I dove into to the pool with beautiful, shiny, bouncy curls and came up with the kinky of ALL kinkiness… And after enduring at least one hour of torture from my mother’s hot comb in the mornings; it was definitely a slap in the face lol.

    Curls magically disappear as SOON as they came in contact with the water… I wasn’t pleased.

    I wished I loved my natural hair as a kid… Had I known that 12 years down the road I would absolutely adore it, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time begging for a perm and a sick note to skip gym class… What I once thought was scary, I now find to be one of the most unique and beautiful things about me. I’m grateful to have reached a point in my life where I am able to embrace and appreciate the many gifts I’ve been perfectly blessed with. During my “natural hair journey” I’ve learned many wonderful things and recently found out that natural hair loves and needs water on a daily basis. Say it ain’t so! So now every night before bed, I spritz  a homemade concoction (which contains 85% water) on my hair, twist it, throw on the satin wrap and I’m good to go. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is soft, shiny and tangle free! Oh, and I totally love that it shrinks when wet now.

    let your natural beauty shine!

    peace, love and health


    ps: If you have a little girl, or little girls (heck even boys); encourage her to embrace all the unique and beautiful attributes she has been blessed with, before she starts thinking there is something wrong with the way she looks… and starts begging for a perm.

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    little lady…

    My mom often says she’s amazed by how I’ve become such a ” little lady”. Translation, “I’m so happy you don’t wear those awful over-sized hoodies, t-shirts and baggy jeans.” It was always kinda funny to watch how much it frustrated her 🙂 I heart my mama!

    As a little girl I hated the mere thought of wearing a party dress. And even as a teenager, I still picked hoodies & jeans over dresses, frilly dresses, not to mention anything fitted…especially when the “girls” started growing and boys started staring lol

    I wasn’t a tomboy or anything. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I loved my barbies, getting my hair curled, playing dress-up with my mom’s stuff (except the dresses), getting chased by boys, happily ever after cartoons/stories, you know the usual… but not wearing dresses.

    I don’t know when or how the change happened; but soon I started to notice I had less hoodies, and more dresses… close fitting ones. I’d even started wearing bikinis! oh lord *fans self*

    The adventures of growing up. Did you go through this phase?

    peace, love and health