little lady…

My mom often says she’s amazed by how I’ve become such a ” little lady”. Translation, “I’m so happy you don’t wear those awful over-sized hoodies, t-shirts and baggy jeans.” It was always kinda funny to watch how much it frustrated her 🙂 I heart my mama!

As a little girl I hated the mere thought of wearing a party dress. And even as a teenager, I still picked hoodies & jeans over dresses, frilly dresses, not to mention anything fitted…especially when the “girls” started growing and boys started staring lol

I wasn’t a tomboy or anything. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I loved my barbies, getting my hair curled, playing dress-up with my mom’s stuff (except the dresses), getting chased by boys, happily ever after cartoons/stories, you know the usual… but not wearing dresses.

I don’t know when or how the change happened; but soon I started to notice I had less hoodies, and more dresses… close fitting ones. I’d even started wearing bikinis! oh lord *fans self*

The adventures of growing up. Did you go through this phase?

peace, love and health