Moving to New York!! :)

Sup World!!!

So growing up in Philadelphia , having family still there and always taking those middle school trip to NYC when i was young, i never thought in my wildest DREAMMMS that i would be moving to New York City in January. This is a decision that i have been thinking and looking into for the past months now to pursue what i would love to do. Will i still be with the team?? DUHHHH!! of course i will be, so i will be searching for someone to bring you all the latest from Austin so you all still get great crazy stories from Austin,TX.

Austin,TX is a great city to live with plenty of things to do, but even when i moved here in 2009, i had plans to see further than i am now. I didn’t know the time frame of when it was going to happen, i jus felt it out and kept my eyes and ears open to other markets in other cities. So im looking forward to realllly pursuing a dream in New York and being apart of the wonderful city. If any of us ever run into each other in New York, jus know im an Eagles fan, but i hate NO NY teams 🙂 :). This post was to give you a heads up in ADVANNNCE! Much love and hope your having a great day..

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