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    Street-Style Photographer wanted for @NeimanMarcus

    Neiman Marcus is having a contest ‘til the 17th ! Check out their Facebook or their blog, NMdaily, to enter.

    Ben Sherman store – London, England

    You will be entering for a chance to be Neiman Marcus’s official street style photographer for their blog NMdaily, at SXSW 2012 and Style X! The winner will be spending a week in Austin in March with the team! Your photos will be used on their social channels which includes Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, & NMdaily!

    Grand Central Station – NYC

    Follow three simple tasks to enter:

    1. Submit examples of your street style photography
    2. Fill out your profile
    3. Answer NM’s style questionsCaribbean Cruise
    4. My cousin CenCen visiting NY from the NetherlandsHave your friends vote for you after February 13 and the winner will be notified by email on February 20.Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom

    Showcase your talent and interests, and ‘capture’ this opportunity!

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    Austin State Capitol


    Sup Cole World!!!

    So today i went to our State Capital and learned so much! You would believe the first very State Capitol was a little shack that was broken down. There is so much history in the state Capitiol that it was kinda overwhealming. Never the less it was so amazing inside the building. Here’s a little fact about how they had to place teh statue ontop of the capitol. The U.S Coast guard had to assist in placing it on there, how crazy is that?!?! Not too mention the lawn outside is beautiful, people usually go there to eat luch and walk dogs it’s great.

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    Austin Fashion Week!!! Aug 20th-27th

    Just a friendly reminder baby! Austin Fashion Week is upon us!! Im actually gonna be modeling for one of the shows here on August 24th :). Ima make sure i get photos to yall from that show and some others :). Stay Tuned!!!!

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    Moving to New York!! :)

    Sup World!!!

    So growing up in Philadelphia , having family still there and always taking those middle school trip to NYC when i was young, i never thought in my wildest DREAMMMS that i would be moving to New York City in January. This is a decision that i have been thinking and looking into for the past months now to pursue what i would love to do. Will i still be with the HeyDoyou.com team?? DUHHHH!! of course i will be, so i will be searching for someone to bring you all the latest from Austin so you all still get great crazy stories from Austin,TX.

    Austin,TX is a great city to live with plenty of things to do, but even when i moved here in 2009, i had plans to see further than i am now. I didn’t know the time frame of when it was going to happen, i jus felt it out and kept my eyes and ears open to other markets in other cities. So im looking forward to realllly pursuing a dream in New York and being apart of the wonderful city. If any of us ever run into each other in New York, jus know im an Eagles fan, but i hate NO NY teams 🙂 :). This post was to give you a heads up in ADVANNNCE! Much love and hope your having a great day..

    Follow me on my Twitter http://twitter.com/@craigallen7615 😉

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    Sole Fresco…#Fresh

    Hope everyone had a fresh Memorial Day weekend!

     Mines was ok i actually jus chilled so i didnt do anything really. Felt good actually to just lay back and refresh :). IN ANYCASE!!! If your a Trueeeee Sneaker HEAD! then you know of the hottest places to grab the EXCLUSIVES! Personally one of my favorite sneaker stores is located in New York,NY  its called Traning Camp. The address 1079 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018 and the phone number is 212-921-4430. My fam works there and everytime i go they show love, its a dope store also, so check it out if your on the east coast ;)…

    But on to some Austin TX ish that has the SAME quality of Sneakers if NOT better! Its a little best kept secret called no other than Sole Fresco :).

     This may look like your average hole in the wall tenny spot, but peep the inside below!

    As you can see the quality and upscale look inside the store lets you KNOW, you are officially in a EXCLUSIVE  situation, thay have Retro’s on RETRO’S!!! They also have great quality retro and hot apparrel as well.

    Anytime your in town and feel like throwin on some Cool Greys or just some flatout retros at a good price, be sure to stop in Sole Fresco here in Austin…BOOYAH!


    Downtown Austin
    516 East 6th. Street Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 474-9797

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    Austin Fashion Week

    Its almost that time of year where local designers in Austin and the surrounding areas show off their clothing lines in true Austin fashion. Be sure to get your tickets at http://fashionweekaustin.com/  so you can join me here as i check out all the latest Austin trends that week. See you soon 😉