Ladies, Law and The LuxeLife

At first glance, the day seemed dank and dreary, rain fell hours on end; lightning, thunder, and forceful winds threatened the day. Come sun or flood, as long as the yacht party with still on, so was I! I dressed with caution, yet still hopeful, aware of the temperamental changes in the Miami weather this time of year… I’d miss the past few years, but I was NOT missing this one!

Miami Carnival isn’t just a party, its a lifestyle and for those of us who work hard, The LuxeLife creates the outlet to party harder. Every year Social Esquire hosts their annual LuxeLife Yacht party… Festive music, unlimited drinks, and great food with South Florida’s biggest movers and shakers

Social Esquire is a boutique consulting company run by 3 amazing female attorneys. Rochelle Mukiza-Gapere, Esq., Daniela Backer, Esq., and Jamila A. Powell, Esq Lawyers by day, Social Esquire at heart these ladies completely embody their motto: “Live outside of the box and color outside of the lines”.

Walking on to the yacht I’m greeted by Soca Music and beautiful faces. For the next 4 hours I networked, danced, and forgot about the tsunami stirring up outside. These women really know how to throw a party! This was just one of the many successful events that SE hosts, from MyEmpoWOMENt, #FitnessFirst, to the most recent Pink Gavel Luncheon these women stay in touch with what’s relevant and propels companies into the next level.

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