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    Ladies, Law and The LuxeLife

    At first glance, the day seemed dank and dreary, rain fell hours on end; lightning, thunder, and forceful winds threatened the day. Come sun or flood, as long as the yacht party with still on, so was I! I dressed with caution, yet still hopeful, aware of the temperamental changes in the Miami weather this time of year… I’d miss the past few years, but I was NOT missing this one!

    Miami Carnival isn’t just a party, its a lifestyle and for those of us who work hard, The LuxeLife creates the outlet to party harder.¬†Every year Social Esquire hosts their annual LuxeLife Yacht party… Festive music, unlimited drinks, and great food with South Florida’s biggest movers and shakers

    Social Esquire is a boutique consulting company run by 3 amazing female attorneys. Rochelle Mukiza-Gapere, Esq., Daniela Backer, Esq., and Jamila A. Powell, Esq Lawyers by day, Social Esquire at heart these ladies completely embody their motto: “Live outside of the box and color outside of the lines”.

    Walking on to the yacht I’m greeted by Soca Music and beautiful faces.¬†For the next 4 hours I networked, danced, and forgot about the tsunami stirring up outside. These women really know how to throw a party! This was just one of the many successful events that SE hosts, from MyEmpoWOMENt, #FitnessFirst, to the most recent Pink Gavel Luncheon these women stay in touch with what’s relevant and propels companies into the next level.

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